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The submersible centrifugal pump VTN-1DU is designed for pumping manure on livestock complexes and farms from manure collectors to vehicles, storage and processing (composting, separation into liquid and solid fractions). It can pump dung slurry with reduced humidity and with fibrous and coarse-grained inclusions (straw, scraps, corn stalks, etc.) in it.

The design of the pump makes it possible to use it practically at all production sites of a large complex and a small farm with a pumping distance of up to two kilometers and immersion from 3 m (making this modification to order).

Unlike the serial pumps, NZHN-200, HB-150, etc., has a lower mass, greater reliability and durability, it ensures pumping of stratified manure. Mixes the mass in the fence area within a radius of up to 5 m.

The pump is a unit made of steel, consisting of a suspension, an electric motor, a housing, a cochlea, an impeller, a shaft and an outlet pipe with a branch pipe.

Inside the body is a shaft, the lower part of which rotates in two ball bearings, one of which is radial-thrust.

The upper part of the shaft is connected to the motor shaft via a sleeve coupling. At the lower end of the shaft, the pump's working member, the impeller, is fixed, which, while in the cochlea and rotating with the shaft, creates the necessary head. An additional impeller mounted on the shaft inside the pump casing ensures forced circulation of the oil in the bearing operation area.

At the entrance of the cochlea, a flat ring is installed, performing the functions of a stationary knife. Long-legged parts of plants, fibers and other inclusions during pump operation, winding on the protruding parts of the impeller blades, rise on the conical part of it before contact with the fixed ring knife and are cut with rotating impeller blades.

To the outlet part of the cochlea is attached a pipe with a branch pipe designed for a pressure hose with an internal diameter of 100 mm.