Vitebsky borough, village of Mazolovo, st. Meliorators, 65, room 2 


On the basis of the VTN-1 pump we developed the VTN-1MT unit, a hydraulic motor that operates from the tractor's power take-off shaft. The control is carried out from the hydraulic system. The unit is mounted on the tractor using the standard coupler СА-1.

VTN-1MT has a telescopic boom with a flight from 3 to 5 m along the horizon, i.е. The intake of liquid is from 2.5 to 5.5 m, depending on the inclination of the boom from the horizon.

It is possible to transport (pump) pumped liquids over significant distances. Easy to maintain and operate.

Video of the submersible centrifugal fecal pump VTN-1MT